Falko, the Rescuer

Client: Falck n.o.
Services: creative work, illustation, animation, copywriting, visual identity, web design, web development

Falck is a non-profit organization which gives kids at elementary schools first aid trainings. We were contacted by them to create creative content which would be used to help kids revise what they had learnt during trainings and which would have shareable marketing potential. And that is how Falko, the Rescuer, was born, together with series of interactive stories with his friends. Each story ends with several options and the child decides how it should continue. This way kids learn what to do and what not to do in a critical situation. What are the stories about? How to call an ambulance, how to treat burns, where to shelter during storm or how to save your drowning friends.

Project team

project managementPavol Truben

Creative workPavol Truben

IllustrationMatej Mazák
Pavol Truben

AnimationMatej Mazák

Scripts from the first seasonAnastasia Rudakova

Scripts from the second seasonBeáta Révayová

MusicFilip Fejtl

SoundFilip Fejtl

DubbingMichal Režný

Graphic designPavol Truben
Matúš Slovák

Web designPavol Truben

Web developmentStudio TEM